Last Chance - Individual is chosen September 13th 2019

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Do you know a veteran, someone with a disability, a senior citizen, or maybe a neighbor who is always helping, but never asks; that could use a new garage roof? We're looking to reroof the garage of one of those great individuals. Please send an email describing their/your story and a couple of photos of their/your roof to us.


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Hardwood Decks
Hardwood Decks
Hardwood Decks

Why choose Hardwood Decking?

Hardwood decking has become very popular. These decking materials are imported from other countries, primarily from South America.

Hardwoods like cumaru, garapa, jatoba, massaranduba and tigerwood offer beauty, durability and strength no other decking options can match.

Ipe, cumaru and the other hardwoods are easier to mill and install than many other deck options. Choose from a variety of colors, ipe, garapa, massaranduba and other species allow home owners and contractors to choose the hardwood decking that best fits their plans.

Go Natural!

Brazilian hard wood and other hard wood decking choices provide exactly what you need to go with your well-planned home.

Hardwoods have a beautiful, dark rich looking appearance, having much the same look as woods typically used for interior work. They are virtually clear of knots, very dense, and extremely resistant to rot and decay.

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