Last Chance - Individual is chosen September 13th 2019

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Do you know a veteran, someone with a disability, a senior citizen, or maybe a neighbor who is always helping, but never asks; that could use a new garage roof? We're looking to reroof the garage of one of those great individuals. Please send an email describing their/your story and a couple of photos of their/your roof to us.


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Pressure Treated
Pressure Treated
Pressure Treated

Pressure-treated wood is truly a "wood for all seasons"

Yet, there is much misinformation, and, in some cases, disinformationconcerning pressure-treated wood, its maintenance requirements, and itssafety in common use. Let's explore the story of pressure-treated wood,and together seek out the truth.

What is pressure-treated wood?

Over 70 years ago, Dr. Karl Wolman invented the process of infusingpreservative deeply into wood products. Today, a giant industry hasgrown up around his quest to invent a wood that can last forever.

Pressure treating is a process that forces a chemical preservativedeep into the wood. The wood product is placed into a humongouscylindrical holding tank, and the tank is depressurized to remove allair. The tank is then filled with the preservative under high pressure,forcing it deeply into the wood. The tank is then drained and theremaining preservative reused. The wood is removed from the tank andprepared for shipment to your local lumberyard.

Needless to say, this process makes the wood quite unappetizing toall vermin, insects, and fungus, which accounts for its 20 year pluslifespan under the harshest conditions!

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